Saturday, February 18, 2012

Need help n fluffy cheek

Sorry for not update for a loooong time :(
Being a b2b alone to do a preparation without my fiancee n i need to do 2 works at the same time is one of the reason i didnt have time for blogging ~_~
but i love jd stalker n silent reader for b2b blog..hee :)
Congrats yd br je melangsungkan perkahwinan n Semoga berkekalan anak cucu :)

Btw,i need ur help :)
I have a fluffy cheek ~_~
Skrg ni i slalu pkai tudung bawal je since my fiancee doesn't like me wearing tudung yg ada awning ~_~
n For my wedding,i nak pkai tudung yg ada awning but in the same time ,i nak nyorok my fluffy cheek ni ~_~ ada sape2 ada tips yg bole kuruskan my fluffy cheek ke or tekik pkai tudung awning but xnmpk fluffy cheek..Hope all of u can help me!!!